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A biopic of Sourav Ganguly is in the works.

While speculation over who would play Sourav Ganguly in the BCCI president’s biography continues to make news, the former Team India captain’s family is currently debating whether events from his life should be included in the film. A biopic of Sourav Ganguly is in the works. While it has been verified that the former Team India captain has given his blessing to the biography, we have learned that he is yet to sign the contract.

The director’s identity is unknown, but the Hindi film will be produced by a major studio with a budget of over 250 crores. Though it has been widely anticipated that Ranbir Kapoor will play Sourav in the film, no official confirmation has yet been given.

“Several production firms in Mumbai and Kolkata have shown strong interest in the biopic, and Sourav is evaluating every option,” Dona Ganguly said SeetaGeeta when she was recently contacted by SeetaGeeta. The biography is still in its early stages, but it will undoubtedly happen.”

“The scriptwriting process is already underway, and Dada is having a series of meetings with the film crew to offer his thoughts on the biopic,” a source close to Sourav told SeetaGeeta. Despite the fact that he has yet to sign the film, production on it has begun.”

Sana, Sourav’s daughter, is overjoyed at the prospect of a biopic being filmed about her father, according to the source. “Sana has a few ideas that she continues passing along to Sourav. The biopic has been a major subject of conversation at all of their family gatherings, with everyone giving their thoughts on which famous events from Sourav’s life should be included in the film,” according to the insider.

We’ve also heard that the film would depict Sourav’s connection with his wife Dona throughout his school years. “Their affair was the talk of the town back then, and the film will cover that period of Dada’s life, as well as many others.

The insider said, “Of course, the pivotal events in his life, such as when Dada went naked on the balcony of Lord’s Cricket Ground, will be highlighted.”

Sourav’s ignominious Chappell years and his amazing innings throughout his cricketing career are also highlights of the biography.