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Alaya F: By the end of the first lockdown I had become totally unfit

Alaya F, like her peers, enjoys staying physically active. Last year, however, the actress, who made her Bollywood debut with Jawaani Jaaneman, lost her momentum due to the first lockout. “No one realized when the lockdown was declared that it would go for so long,” she claims. As a result, at the conclusion of the first lockdown, I was unfit and significantly weaker.”

It was a time when gyms were closed and people avoided going out because of the limitations. “I was unable to participate in any outside activities.” As a result, Alaya took advantage of the lockout this year to focus on her physical wellness.

“This time, it was more about looking after my physical well-being. I practiced a lot of yoga, which helped me relax mentally.” As India faced the second wave of the tsunami, the actress stressed the necessity of focusing on mental health. “It was critical that I did calm things because when you watch the news, all you see are terrible tales. It was so life-changing that I abstained from using social media because it felt rude and disrespectful.”

“It was the time one shut the outer world out and took good care of themselves,” she concludes. The second wave was quite destructive, and several individuals were severely harmed.” The actress is relieved that the time is over and she can now concentrate on the newer and more intriguing projects that have come her way.