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Alia Bhatt states that Ranbir Kapoor is pleased to share parental duties for their child

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who are expecting their first child, aim to share the obligations of their child and are determining how to reconcile their acting careers with their parental responsibilities. In contrast to typical societal standards, where the mother plays a larger role in a child’s development, Ranbir, according to Alia, is happy to share parental duties.

Alia made the remarks while explaining why her childrenswear brand is called Ed-A-Mamma. Alia coined the name after her cat Edward and herself as its mother and explained that she chose the name for the kidswear brand as it is predominantly moms that purchase children’s clothing. Alia’s response changed when she was questioned if this will also be the case when she and Ranbir Kapoor welcome their child.

She said to CNBC18, “That was a poor choice of words on my part. It is also quite sexist, considering I believe fathers shop as well. Even in my case, both my husband and I have done some shopping.” Alia responded as follows when asked how she and Ranbir will divide the baby’s responsibilities: “I believe that the path of discovery will commence once the baby is born. Nonetheless, the will to share is of the utmost importance.”

The actor said, “And Ranbir is pleased; he has already said, “From this month on, I will take time off so that you may go to work.” I can return, you can take time off, and we can continue taking time off.’ He is pleased to partake in this task. He stated in a recent interview, “I believe I have a very large obligation, and that is to send Alia back to work because the fans will hold me accountable if I don’t do my part as a parent as well.”

In June of this year, Alia and Ranbir, who wed on April 14, confirmed their pregnancy. The two celebrated the premiere of Brahmastra, their first film together, on September 9. Alia also recently debuted a maternity line under her clothing label, Ed-A-Mamma.

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