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Anupam Kher is amused as a girl refused to certify that he is a “nice uncle.”

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher posted a video of himself with a girl who, after getting chocolates from him, refused to call him a “nice uncle.”

Anupam Kher often posts slice-of-life footage from his meetings with individuals all across the globe. On Sunday, the actor tweeted a video of himself visiting home and bringing chocolates for the youngsters. When he questioned one of them, a small girl, about himself and if he was a “nice uncle,” she answered she didn’t know.

Anupam posted the footage on Instagram Stories. It depicts Anupam conversing with a female. He inquires about her name, to which she responds, “Myra.” As they sat in their living room, he also inquired about her brother’s name. Anupam is seen bringing the girl chocolate. When the actor continues to question her about who gave her the chocolate, she gestures to him. When he asks whether he is an “achha uncle,” she responds, “Mujhe nahi data (I don’t know).” Anupam, amused, responds, “Le, kardi a kachhi (gosh, she’s not impressed).”

Anupam is currently filming his next feature, The Signature. The actor said that it is his 525th film and requested his followers to choose a title from a few alternatives, including Dastakhat and The Last Signature. The Signature billed as a narrative of an ordinary guy, is directed by Gajendra Ahire, well known for Marathi films such as Not Only Mrs. Raut and The Silence. Producer K C Bokadia is behind the picture.

The film also stars Mahima Chaudhary, who is making a return after cancer treatment. Her cancer fight and recovery were only revealed when Anupam posted a video with her on Instagram. Mahima said in the video that Anupam phoned her to shoot his film when she was being treated in the hospital. She said that she has been approached for web series and films but was unable to accept them due to her lack of hair. She subsequently became upset and said that she had asked him if she could perform his film wearing a wig since she had lost her hair as a result of chemotherapy.

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