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Anushka Sharma looks fit as she continues work after girl Vamika’s introduction to the world, goes for a promotion

First time mother, entertainer Anushka Sharma has continued work effectively, two months in front of her planned return in May. Anushka and spouse, cricketer, Virat Kohli invited girl Vamika in January. In front of her little girl’s introduction to the world, Anushka had declared that she will get back to work in May. In any case, she was seen going for a promotion on Wednesday.

As the entertainer got clicked while entering the set on Wednesday, we can say she looked especially fit and drop-dead flawless. She was seen wearing a beige top, free fitted denims and a security veil all over. A source near the entertainer, who was additionally present on the set with her, said, “Anushka is unquestionably in the best of shape. She has been an active mother and has additionally guaranteed that she is prepared to adjust her work life and individual life consummately. She’s known for her reliability in the business and she was there on the sets before her call time for the shoot, looking lovely.”

Seven days prior, Anushka and Vamika had went with Virat Kohli as India played Britain in Gujarat. The team got back to Mumbai a couple of days prior. The family’s photos from Ahmedabad air terminal had turned into a web sensation where Anushka was seen holding infant Vamika and Virat was seen dealing with their gear.