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Anushka Sharma will make a Bollywood return with three major projects?

Anushka Sharma admirers are anxiously awaiting her comeback to the big screen. It has now been reported that the Sultan actress would sign three high-profile Bollywood movies. According to sources, two of them will be theatrical releases, while the other is an OTT original feature billed as the largest film ever shot on any digital platform in India.


Anushka Sharma was most recently seen in Zero, co-starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. “Anushka Sharma’s comeback to the big screen is the finest thing that could happen to our film industry in 2022.” She is scheduled to appear mostly in three major projects, two of which are big-screen entertainment and one of which is a phenomenally successful film.

The scale at which this project is being conceptualized undoubtedly qualifies it as India’s largest film made for the digital arena! We may expect these announcements to begin early next year, and Anushka’s followers will thrill at the variety and clutter-breaking initiatives with which she will choose to entertain them,” said a trade insider.

“Anushka’s illustrious track record of delivering the biggest successes in Hindi film, along with her outstanding, flexible acting abilities, already makes these projects major discussion points.” As a result, each announcement is likely to spark a heated debate. Anushka has always wanted to be a part of the greatest cinema being made by the Hindi film industry, and these new options will reflect her desire to choose fresh and new entertainers. She will concentrate on her acting career and hopes to be a part of a movie that is astonishingly unusual yet incredibly entertaining,” the person stated.

Anushka Sharma is the only actress to have three films grossing more than 300 crores: Sultan, PK, and Sanju. Now that Vamika is nearby,