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B Praak resembles a sibling and coach to me: Ranvir

Vocalist Ranvir, who’s good to go for the arrival of his heartfelt tune ‘Patthar Wargi’ today, talked only to SeetaGeeta to uncover what went into the thinking about his melody.

“It was an astonishing encounter as Jaani, B Praak, and I were in a studio where I had first heard this melody. It was really B Praak who disclosed to me that you can sing this!” uncovers the vocalist, adding, “Later, when I recorded the melody, I got goosebumps. Truly, it took just two takes and 25 minutes for me to record the excellent tune as I had effectively rehearsed hard for it”.

Looking at working with B Praak, Ranvir raves, “B Praak resembles sibling and guide for me. ‘Patthar Wargi’ is my second joint effort with him. It’s consistently uncommon to sing for an individual like him.”

‘Patthar Wargi’ highlights Hina Khan and Tanmay Ssingh leading the pack while the tune has been created by B Praak and panned by Ranvir. The verses of the tune have been written by Jaani and the all around delivered mystery has earned a decent buzz.