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BB 16: Housemates can reclaim prize money; Priyanka Choudhary targeted.

BB 16

Last night, Bigg Boss 16 provided the greatest occasion for the housemates to date. Announcing that the ticket to the finale is up for grabs, it was announced that the show is in its final week and that the finale would take place in less than four weeks.

The last captain standing at the end of this week will receive a direct ticket to the finale. As we saw in the precap, in addition to the plotting, scheming, and other games that have already begun to ensure that the current captain loses and someone else takes over, twists are being added to the mix.

Now that the ticket is up for grabs, Bigg Boss has also announced that the lost prize money is available for grabs, although in an unconventional manner. Individually, contestants would be dispatched to the storeroom to purchase astonishingly expensive things, such as Rs. 50,000 worth of flour, as part of the ration task. Everyone will be surprised by this development.

This will also cause Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare to quarrel. Aside from that, it appeared that Bigg Boss was attempting to get housemates to divulge their opinions of Priyanka Choudhary. On the one hand, MC Stan, Shiv Thakare, and Shalin Bhanot were called together and quizzed about Choudhary.

Typically, Bhanot will state that he disagrees with her rationale, and she will pick up on one word and continue. On the other hand, Thakare will assert that her fighting nature, which was consistent up until Ankit Gupta, appeared to be her sole identity, and since she has ceased fighting, she has become a zero.

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