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Bhuvan Bam remembers how he convinced Shah Rukh Khan to massage his head for Titu Talks

Shah Rukh Khan

Recently, comedian Bhuvan Bam recalls working with Shah Rukh Khan on an episode of Titu Talks and how he convinced SRK to massage his head. The YouTuber stated that the celebrity seemed amused by the entire situation and simply followed Bhuvan’s suggestions. In 2018, SRK appeared on the show as part of Zero promotions.

For the performance, Bhuvan dons a wig and assumes the role of Titu. Having had a massage from SRK, Bhuvan suggested that viewers like and subscribe to his channel after the program. Bhuvan told Baradwaj Rangan, “I was sweating, I had just removed the Titu wig, and I had extremely long hair, and I had no idea what to do. It was impromptu, the first episode of Titu Talks, and Titu Mama was only a month old at the time. I was determining how to bring out the character when the first episode included Shah Rukh Khan sir. I thought, “How are we going to accomplish this?” He continued, “I’ve never requested that individuals subscribe. I believed this was the appropriate time to encourage him to subscribe, and why not with a massage?”

So I asked if I may sit between his knees and ask him to say, ‘Subscribe to Bhuvan’s channel’,” Bhuvan continued. But he continued, and it continued for a while, until he finally remarked, “We’re done now.”

During his visit to The Gentlemen Show with Ankush Bahuguna, Bhuvan Bam explained how the program was filmed in a single take. Uss admi ki Mahanta hai ka had a 7–8-page script and a complex shoot. We just needed one take, and I never once prompted anyone else to hurry up. subscribe to my channel. If someone subscribed to my channel for the first time, I would have told them, “apke sath to nahi bath Saktaa patron ke niche baith jata “Hun, you’re naturally champi.” I admired him. Titu Talks is now a top priority since SRK has made it impossible for anyone to say no. (The nicest thing about the man was that it was a 7–8-page script and a complex shoot; I gave him the narrative and we completed the scene in a single take; then I had the idea for a massage. I had never before requested people to subscribe to my channel, but I felt compelled to do so that day. Consequently, I asked if I may sit at your feet instead, saying, “I can’t sit with you.” ” and he began to massage my feet naturally.

Shah Rukh Khan has three films scheduled for release in 2023: Pathaan, Jawaan, and Dunki. After more than five years, the actor is returning to the big screen. Zero, his previous film, featured Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

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