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Big B cautions against impacts of cyclone Tauktae in Mumbai

Veteran Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan has cautioned against the impacts of cyclone Tauktae in Mumbai.

“The impacts of the #CycloneTauktae have started .. rains in Mumbai .. if it’s not too much trouble, be protected a lot .. supplications as could be,” Bachchan tweeted from the beginning Sunday.

He additionally talked about the tornado in a blog entry composed right off the bat Sunday.

Taking to his blog, Big B stated: “Cyclone Tauktae in the Middle Eastern Ocean increases along the Western Shorelines of India .. from the South climbing .. the impacts of its appearance have started here in Mumbai with downpour as I compose .. the arrangements for the storm downpour sheds had recently started so the weakness of holes , is there and the managing precipitation spillages about is a worry .. we attempt to make some make shift plans .. however, they are feeble and not completely defensive.

“The seriousness of the storms as all of you know is huge and all structures and areas become generally helpless during those 3-4 months of its essence. The JVPD Plan is a low lying region and flooding is generally impending .. so.”

Educating about how the typhoon has been named, the veteran entertainer further stated: “The word ‘tauktae’ .. the naming of tempests twisters storms et all are taken up and recommended by the nations around there and this name has been given by Myanmar, past Burma, which is the name of a vocal reptile.”