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Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam is captivated by Sreejita De’s fiancé; she says, “My fantasy was to talk to a foreigner once”

Every day on Bigg Boss 16, Archana Gautam is the most entertaining thing about the show. In the last episode, she imitated Tina Datta’s mom, who accidentally bothers Sreejita De, and made us laugh and roll on the floor. Now, in the most recent commercial, she is mesmerized by Sreejita De’s boyfriend Michael, and she admits that she always wanted to talk to a foreigner. Michael then asks Archana to sit next to him, where she teaches him her language, Meerut, and her famous line, “maar maar ke mor bana dungi.” Fans love how close Michael and Archana are and how much fun they are to watch together.

 Archana Gautam is consistently proving to be the most entertaining part of the programme. She made us laugh and rolled off the couch in the final episode when she imitated Tina Datta’s mother, who unintentionally irritates Sreejita De. And in the most recent promo, she is seen being mesmerized by Sreejita De’s boyfriend Michael and admitting that she feels the need to speak to a foreigner all the time. Michael then asks Archana to join him in his chair, where she can be seen teaching him the Meerut language and using her well-known “maar maar ke mor bana dungi” dialogue. Fans are adoring this relationship between Michael and Archana because of their amusing banter, which is undoubtedly entertaining.

Archana Gautam is slowly becoming one of the most popular housemates. You can like her or hate her, but you can’t just ignore her. The family episode has become the Kaur episode, and the show’s TRP has gone up a lot because of this. The most interesting contestant parent was Shalin’s mother, who has improved her son’s health for the better. When Shalin’s mother tells him he looks bad, he keeps his safe distance from Tina Datta.

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