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Bigg Boss 16: Karan Johar Slams Archana Gautam for Her Task Behavior, Calling It ‘Disgusting…’

Karan Johar

Things are expected to heat up during the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 16 As the show approaches its conclusion, this could be the last regular elimination. Karan Johar will replace Salman Khan as the host of the weekend episodes of the reality show. In the promotional video shared by the show’s fan page, Karan hints at who might be eliminated this week. Karan is also seen confronting Archana Gautam for her behavior during the torture task for the prize money in the promotional video. Badshah is also a guest on Karan Johar’s talk show, and the two have a fun interaction.

Karan interrogates Archana and interrupts her mid-sentence to prevent her from speaking. I’ll talk for a minute while you do a task in the Bigg Boss house. You are attempting to express your personal feelings during the task; do you believe this is appropriate? “Archana defended herself by saying she didn’t take the task personally to prove she wasn’t offended. Karan then accused her of injuring Shiv, causing him to sustain an eye injury. Archana clarified that she had apologized to Shiv for the accident.

Karan can be seen questioning Mandal’s bond. He mentions that Mandali was unhappy with Sumbul, but no one bothered to confront her or convince her to admit her mistake. He discussed the time task in which Shiv and MC Stan were nominated as a result of Sumbul’s error. Karan then questions their relationship and whether they are simply together to play the number game.

Karan Johar asks who will be accountable if the Mandali breaks, to which Nimrit Ahluwalia responds, “The Mandali will not break; it is a bond.” “(This group will not disband due to its bond.) Karan responds that it will since there will be an elimination today. Karan informs Shiv that he has received the fewest votes, after which Shiv makes his way toward the exit.

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