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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot’s mother brought a smile to everyone’s face as she sang “Lag Ja Gale”

While netizens enjoyed Shalin and Shiv’s Aai’s conversation, it appears that Shalin’s mother also found favor with others. When the inmates learned that Aunty had a master’s degree in music, as Shalin had previously mentioned, they requested that she sing a song. Aunty was unsure of which song to sing, so she asked Shalin for advice. He suggested she sing his favorite song, so she sang “Lag Ja Gale.”

According to sources, Shalin’s mother sang Lag Ja Gale in a melodious manner, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. She has previously sung, and Shalin’s social media team shared her previous performance on his social media, which received a great deal of praise.

Because once his mother entered the house, Shalin wept and embraced her tightly. Shalin, who is currently shaken and confused due to Tina and his equation, sought assistance from his mother. His mother responded that Tina is acting solely for the purpose of the game when he asked if she is faking it. She even tried to accuse Tina of destroying the friendship between Shalin and Sumbul.

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