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Bigg Boss 16: Will Priyanka Chahar Choudhary debut alongside Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera’s son Abir in the superstar’s home production?

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary

Salman Khan’s announcement that he has something for Priyanka Chahar Choudhary upon her exit from the Bigg Boss 16 house yesterday was a great surprise for Priyanka’s supporters. Now, people speculate whether Salman Khan will offer Priyanka Chahar Choudhary a role in a film. Farah Khan has already referred to her as the house’s Deepika Padukone. Sajid Khan also mentioned that she is a potential Bollywood heroine. Salman Khan is also renowned for launching novices, such as Zareen Khan, Daisy Shah, and Mahima Makwana. Shehnaaz Gill is also making her Bollywood debut with the film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.

It is a known truth that Salman Khan plans to release Abir Singh nicknamed Tiger shortly. He is the son of Shera, his bodyguard. Like his father, he has a fantastic physique and sculpted features. Abir Singh has served as assistant director on a number of the superstar’s films. We are curious as to whether he intends to cast Priyanka Chahar Choudhary in that film. The superstar is currently reviewing screenplays for the young man, and filming will begin within the next two months. The film Man Friday Shera by Salman Khan is highly popular.

Mahima Makwana received numerous compliments for her work in Antrim. She plays Aayush Sharma’s love interest in the film. Salman Khan may also produce a film for Sajid Khan. Let’s find out how he perceives Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Sajid Khan has heaped compliments on the actress, stating that she is a true beauty. He even stated that Ankit Gupta’s future is bright. He stated that he sees a hero in the actor from Junooniyatt.