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Boney Kapoor discusses his working with Ranbir and Shraddha Kapoor.

In Luv Ranjan’s next film, Boney Kapoor will make his acting debut in a supporting role with Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor.

The producer, who will play Ranbir’s father in the film, recently spoke up about his experiences working with the principal actors and his co-star Dimple Kapadia. He allegedly spilled some beans on the subject, saying that he is enjoying his time on set. He went on to say that knowing what happens on the opposite side of the camera is also beneficial.

Boney said it’s a cheerful environment on set with his co-stars, especially when it’s Dimple, whom he’s known for a long time, even before she started filming for ‘Bobby.’ The producer-turned-actor also revealed that he was a friend of late Rishi Kapoor and had watched Ranbir grow up in front of his eyes. He went on to say that Shraddha’s father, Shakti Kapoor, has worked in a few of his films.

In the film, the producer will play a full-fledged role as an actor. He is presently shooting the film in Delhi.

The economy, according to the director, must also be revitalized. As a producer, he now has five projects in the works, all of which are on hold.

“I just resumed a Tamil film, with only 10 days remaining to shoot. My daughter Janhvi and I are starring in another Hindi film. Then there’s another Ajith flick. There are just too many things lined up to be put on hold for an extended period of time. “One must become accustomed to this way of living while keeping safety in mind,” he concludes.

Boney also discussed his experience filming in the midst of a pandemic. According to him, the terror of the third wave looms over our heads after the first and second waves, so we must become used to live with safety in mind.

He went on to say that the pandemic’s effects will discipline people’s everyday lives as well. He further claims that the measures will be taken in the future, not just for Covid-19, but at any time in the future.