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Citadel’s Indian spinoff will depict the beginnings of Priyanka Chopra’s character

Priyanka Chopra's

In a recent interview, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke discussed Priyanka Chopra’s new web series Citadel. She hinted that the worldwide series and its satellite show situated in India, Italy, and Mexico will contribute to the continuity of the Citadel universe’s characters and plots.

Jennifer was questioned in the interview about how, in addition to worldwide hits like The Lord of the Rings, The Boys, and Jack Ryan, Amazon Studios was investing in the local-language production of material focused on specific non-U.S. regions. Jennifer teased in response to the question that Citadel will not only create its universe but will also serve as the flagship show that spawns spinoffs involving multinational agents completing missions in their respective countries.

“Local language and regional programs are really valuable to us. We have placed significant capital in the Citadel of the Russo Brothers. It is a massive [international thriller]. I have watched the initial three episodes. The entire premise of this program is global storytelling with local shows that contribute to the plotlines and flesh out specific characters. Priyanka Chopra’s character will be fleshed out by showrunners in India who are employed by Citadel and are working on a program that takes place in India and stars a major celebrity. And we are doing the same in Italy, as well as in Mexico. We hosted an international Citadel meeting [at the offices of Amazon Studios in Culver City] where we screened some of Joe and Anthony [Russovideo. ]’s Thus, we are experimenting with such elements, as Jennifer Salke stated to Variety.

Amazon Studios supports the international spy series Citadel created by the Russo brothers. The seven-part series stars Priyanka Chopra, Richard Madden, who is recognized for his role in Game of Thrones, and Stanley Tucci. Citadel has been under development for several years, but a release date has not yet been set.

Priyanka said earlier in June that she has completed filming for her upcoming series. She released a movie on Instagram Reels in which she was seen driving around with her favorite dog, as well as other unforgettable moments from the Citadel sets. She had stated in the photo’s caption, “And that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who made this monumental undertaking feasible and enjoyable. Thank you, Atlanta See you next time.”

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