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Dhamaka Movie | Official Trailer | Kartik Aaryan | Ram Madhvani

Dhamakedar’s loading speed is 3…2… Dhamaka, a film starring Kartik Aaryan, has released its trailer.

When a cynical ex-TV news anchor receives an urgent call on his radio show, he sees an opportunity for a return — but at what cost to his conscience?

On November 19th, only on Netflix, see Kartik Aaryan in the action-packed #Dhamaka.

Dhamaka, a film starring Kartik Aaryan, has released its trailer. The film, directed by Ram Madhvani, will be released on Netflix on November 19th. Amruta Subhash, Vikas Kumar, and Vishwajeet Pradhan also feature in the film. In the film, Mrunal Thakur will play Kartik Aaryan’s wife. Kartik plays a prime-time news anchor who afterward became a radio DJ in Dhamaka.


Dhamaka’s teaser was published in March 2021. The trailer for the film was published today, October 19. Arjun Pathak, a prime-time news presenter who turned into a radio DJ, is played by Kartik Aaryan. Arjun receives a call regarding a bomb assault on Mumbai’s Banda Worli Sea in the trailer.

He informs her that he will inform her. He then has a prime-time conversation with the terrorist. Arjun is also seen dealing with a private problem.

The teaser then depicts Arjun struggling with his conscience as he finds himself in a difficult predicament. He must choose between his career and his inner humanism. Arjun is having trouble remembering his lines and tells the crew to turn off the cameras. Amruta Subhash then encourages him to perform his job by telling him that the show must go on. Despite claiming that he is unable to do so, Arjun returns to work and delivers his lines.