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Disney’s Encanto movie | Official Trailer | In Cinemas November 26

This November, track down your sorcery. 🕯✨🦋 Watch the spic and span trailer for Disney’s Encanto, coming to films November 26. Disney’s Encanto: New trailer promises a magical story of saving magic.

Walt Disney Activity Studios’ impending element film “Encanto,” tells the story of the Madrigals, a phenomenal family who live in a wondrous, enchanted spot called an Encanto. Every youngster has been honored with an enchantment gift novel to them—every kid aside from Mirabel. However, when the family’s house is compromised, Mirabel might be their main expectation.

The voice cast incorporates Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel; María Cecilia Botero as Mirabel’s grandma Alma otherwise known as Abuela; John Leguizamo as Bruno; Angie Cepeda and Wilmer Valderrama as Mirabel’s folks, Julieta and Agustín; and Diane Guererro and Jessica Darrow as Mirabel’s sisters, Isabela and Luisa. Additionally loaning their voices are Carolina Gaitán and Mauro Castillo as Mirabel’s auntie and uncle, Pepa and Félix; and Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz and Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Mirabel’s cousins Dolores, Camilo and Antonio, individually.

The movie includes all-new melodies by Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton,” “Moana”) and is coordinated by Byron Howard (“Zootopia,” “Tangled”) and Jared Bramble (co-chief “Zootopia”), co-coordinated by Charise Castro Smith (essayist “The Passing of Eva Sofia Valdez”) and created by Clark Spencer and Yvett Merino. Shrub and Castro Smith are screenwriters on the film. Walt Disney Liveliness Studios’ “Encanto” opens in theaters on November 26, 2021.

The animated film tells the tale of an extraordinary family called the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia at a magical house in a charming place called Encanto. Every child but one in their magical house has been granted a unique ability such as strength or healing powers. Mirabel, the only ordinary Madrigal, discovers that the magic is under threat and she may be the only one able to save it.