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Ex Alex Rodriguez ‘upset with’ Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck get-together

Alex Rodriguez is getting ‘vexed’ and ‘stunned’ after the get-together of her ex Jennifer Lopez with her ex-playmate Ben Affleck, sources affirmed to an entrance.

Amicable exes and American entertainers Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spent a week ago together as the team went on an outing to Montana. After the news broke, sources close to Alex Rodriguez shared how the resigned MLB player is handling his contemplations about the ‘unforeseen’ get-together.

A source near Lopez told that Alex is ‘floored’ more than everything else, particularly since they authoritatively separated and canceled their commitment simply a month prior.

“A-Bar is stunned that J.Lo has proceeded onward. He really figured they would have the option to make it work and reconnect. He has been contacting J.Lo attempting to meet with her and she has been extremely short with him,” the source uncovered.

As indicated by the source, Alex is “disheartened” about Lopez’s get-together with Ben, to such an extent that he has contacted her to tell her “he is vexed.”

Be that as it may, summarizing it the insider told, “She isn’t keen on reviving anything with A-Pole and is finished”.

The information on Bennifer’s gathering came about a month after Lopez and Alex split following four years together. Days after the fact, she and A-Pole rejoined momentarily in L.A. in late April and a source advised the power source that he needed to “work things out” with her. Be that as it may, Ben was then spotted at her home around there. At that point, another source said they were “just companions.”

Be that as it may, the pair before long understood their science can’t be denied.

According to the report, Jennifer and Ben started dating in July 2002 while recording the celebrated film industry bomb ‘Gigli’. The entertainer recommended that November with a 6.1-carat pink solitaire uniquely designed Harry Winston precious stone ring.

Notwithstanding, only days before their September 2003 pledges, the couple, considered “Bennifer” by fans, canceled their St Nick Barbara, California wedding. Months after the fact, in January 2004, they affirmed they had authoritatively parted.

In 2014, Jennifer said on a show her and Ben’s separation was presumably her “first big heartbreak.”