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F1 commentator ‘momentarily Forgets’ who Ranveer Singh is, admires his yellow suit

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh did not hesitate to remind Martin Brundle that he was a Bollywood celebrity. Ranveer attended the Abu Dhabi F1 race and had a humorous exchange with Brundle, who “momentarily” forgot Ranveer was an actor.

Will you remind me of who you are, as Brundle has suddenly forgotten? Ranveer responds with enthusiasm, “I am a Bollywood actor from Mumbai, India. To put it simply, I perform for a living.” When Brundle asked him how he was reacting to being there, he said, “At the top of my game! I can sense the thrill and excitement! Brundle complimented his opponent on his outfit, praising his choice of glasses and his striped, yellow top. A punch of respect for that suit, he said.

Recently, Ranveer attended the Filmfare Middle East awards ceremony in Dubai. As he won the award for ‘Superstar of the Decade,’ he gave an emotional acceptance speech. “I promise to keep entertaining people until the end of my life… You are looking at a miracle.” He dedicated the medal to Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films for discovering him and believing in him. To paraphrase, “He gambled on me when no one else would, declaring, “I have found my next Shah Rukh.” It was stated by Ranveer.

In addition, he said on Instagram, “Superstar of the Decade! Thank you for recognizing my cinematic path as magnificent, Filmfare Middle East. It is an honor to collect this award in front of my parents and my cinematic idols.”

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