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Fans think actress is overhyped. “Kiara Advani has a lot of attitude,” air hostess says following crew contact

Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani is a highly regarded and admired actor in the Hindi film industry. Recently, each character she has portrayed onscreen has succeeded in capturing the emotions of the audience. However, these are merely the characters she has portrayed on the silver screen. It is quite surprising, is it not?

In this interview, the flight attendant asserted that Kiara possesses a significant amount of attitude and responded unfavorably when her crew offered the actor almonds and pistachios. The air attendant clarified that she did not have a direct interaction with Kiara; rather, her crew members informed her of the situation. The actor reportedly requested that they contact her assistant, who would then provide her with cashews. This clip has been reposted on Instagram, and numerous internet users have expressed their opinions in the remark section below.

For example, one comment stated that “Kiara is overhyped.” I have never been fond of her acting, nor do I appreciate her as an actress. One user stated, “Siddharth deserved better,” while another user stated, “I have never liked Kiara; she is self-absorbed, particularly after her marriage. Additionally, she is overhyped for her appearance and her abilities as an actress, as she consistently performs the same roles without any innovation.”

The flight attendant also recounted a humorous incident involving Ananya Panday, in which the actor attempted to use the restroom shortly before landing. While the crew was ensuring that the remaining passengers were seated and preparing for landing, Ananya informed the flight attendants, “I am in dire need of the restroom.” I am unable to manage it. The air hostess chuckled and continued to explain that they had simply requested that the actor return promptly. Nevertheless, the personalities in question are the only ones who can verify the truth.