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Farah Khan says Tina Datta’s behavior is “disgusting” and storms out of Bigg Boss 16 because of this

Inside the Bigg Boss house, Tina Datta had already been complaining about a toothache. Farah Khan, who is hosting Weekend Ka Vaar this week instead of Salman Khan, slammed Tina for making her dental problem seem so bad that she was willing to leave Bigg Boss 16 because of it. At the same time, she made fun of Shalin Bhanot’s mental health problems. Farah said that Tina and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s behavior was “disgusting” and asked them about it. Read also: As he puts Tina Datta up for eviction, Shalin Bhanot calls her “fake and buri aurat” and tells her, “I hate you.”

The choreographer-filmmaker reprimanded Tina in the promo, which ColorsTV released on Friday, and claimed that people are troubled by her because of her “attitude” in the upcoming weekend episode, which will be hosted by Farah Khan. Farah stated: “Is it really that serious, ghar se bahar nikal jaye, Uska daant? Uska mazak udaya gaya hai, Shalin nightmare se guzar raha tha. The behavior of Tina and Priyanka is disgusting. Tina’s broken tooth was so bad that she considered quitting the show while also making fun of Shalin as he was going through a nightmare. The way Tina and Priyanka are acting is repulsive.”

Tina responded, “Ye galat portray ho raha hai (we are being portrayed incorrectly).” Farah became enraged and told her, “Tina, you have to listen or I’m walking out.” Farah then stormed off the set, imitating Tina’s body language, saying to the actor, “This is why people have a problem… this attitude… keep talking…”

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