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Guneet Monga reacts to the interruption of her Oscar acceptance speech by stating, “India’s moment was stolen from me”


Guneet Monga and Kartika Gonsalves brought honor to the nation by winning the coveted Oscar for Best Documentary Short in 2023. They received the prestigious award for their work on The Elephant Whisperers. Once on stage, Kartiki was able to complete her remarks. Nevertheless, as Guneet approached the microphone, the Oscars’ trademark music began to play, forcing her to postpone her speech. In a new interview, Guneet expressed her disappointment because she wanted to discuss India’s Oscar win.

Guneet Monga stated to Bombay Times, “I had a shocked expression on my face.” I just wanted to mention that this is India’s first Oscar for an Indian production, which is a monumental achievement. My heart began to race as I could not have travelled thus far without being heard. Western media are highlighting The Academy, where I was unable to speak. People are quite offended that I was unable to deliver my speech. There are online videos and tweets expressing regret that I was unable to speak. This was India’s moment that I stole.”

“But then I thought, ‘Oh well, I’ll just come back and make sure I’m heard. I have several opportunity to voice my opinions, and it is uplifting to receive so much appreciation. Hence, a little empathy can go a long way in this situation,” she continued.

The producer did not complain that Guneet Monga did not get to experience her Oscar moment on stage during the speech, despite the fact that she was unable to deliver it. She later performed her speech and also shared it on social media. Expressing the same sentiment, she stated, “My heart is full of joy, love, and excitement, the majority of which has been absorbed from everyone in India applauding for our victory.”

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