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Hera Pheri 3 or 4? Two Akshay Kumar pictures create excitement and hera pheri

When people found out that the next movie of Hera Pheri is coming out soon, the internet went crazy. On February 21, the film’s main actors, Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal, as well as the film’s producer, Firoz Nadiadwala, were seen filming a promo for the movie. In no time, the picture went viral because everyone is looking forward to the third part of this famous series. A few days ago, another picture caused a big stir on the Internet. It showed Akshay Kumar, Farhad Samji, and Ahmed Khan holding up a clapper. There are two versions of this photo online, which is interesting, and it has caused a lot of chaos, or should we say “hera pheri”?

One picture shows that Hera Pheri 4 is the name of the movie on the clapper. But a new picture has come out that says the movie’s name is Hera Pheri 3. It has made it hard to figure out what the real name of the movie is.

The following installment will reportedly be titled Hera Pheri 4. However, given that this is the third installment, it makes no sense. So how does it get the name Hera Pheri 4? On the other hand, Akshay Kumar is seen carrying a sign that reads Hera Pheri 4. However, another picture of the clapper with the caption Hera Pheri 3 can be found online. Is one of the images altered in any way? Or are the producers simultaneously filming Hera Pheri 3 and Hera Pheri 4 like Baahubali and KGF?

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