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Hina Khan posts first chemo video: “I am unwilling to submit.”

Hina Khan

On Monday, actor Hina Khan, who recently disclosed that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, uploaded a video of her initial chemotherapy session. Hina disclosed to her followers on Instagram how she acquired knowledge regarding breast cancer.

Hina appears to be experiencing emotional distress and is heard expressing, “I am prepared for my first chemo treatment in the hospital, as all the glamour has vanished.” Let us strive for improvement.

She shared the video and stated, “I was aware of my cancer diagnosis prior to this award ceremony; however, I made a deliberate decision to normalize it for the benefit of all of us.” This was the day that forever altered my life; it signified the commencement of one of the most difficult periods. Therefore, let us perform some affirmations.

She continued, “We are the product of our beliefs, and I have resolved to use this challenge as an opportunity to reinvent myself once more.” I have resolved to maintain the spirit of positivity as the initial instrument in my arsenal. I have made the conscious decision to normalize this experience for myself and to achieve the desired outcome. My obligations at work are particularly significant to me. My art, passion, and motivation are of paramount importance to me. I am unwilling to submit. This award, which I received immediately prior to my initial chemotherapy treatment, was not my sole source of motivation; rather, I attended this event to confirm that I am meeting the standards I have established for myself. MIND OVER MATTERS.

Hina continued to inspire admirers with her unwavering perseverance, stating, “I attended the event and immediately proceeded to the hospital for my initial chemotherapy treatment.” I also respectfully implore all individuals to first normalize the obstacles in their lives, and then to establish objectives for themselves and strive to achieve them throughout the journey. Regardless of the difficulty. Refrain from giving in. Refrain from giving up.

The video was immediately shared, and admirers and industry professionals responded in the comments section.

Dalljiet Kaur composed, “Hina, your spirit has served as an inspiration.” All of a sudden, the challenges I am facing appear to be trivial. Indeed, it is crucial to normalize the voyage.You have been and will continue to be an inspiration in a multitude of ways. You will be in excellent health and will be returning to an award show to accept additional awards of this nature in the near future.

According to Ektaa Kapoor, “You are a star that surpasses stars!” You are the most brilliant.”

Mouni Roy expressed her admiration for your fortitude and fortitude in her social media post.

Hina said on June 28 that she has received a diagnosis of stage three breast cancer.

The actor from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has disclosed that she has initiated treatment and is “doing well” and “fully committed” to overcoming the illness.

Hina responded to the recent rumor on her Instagram account, declaring, “Greetings to all. I wish to communicate some significant information to my devoted followers, as well as to everyone who holds affection and concern for me.” I have received a medical diagnosis indicating that I am currently in the third stage of breast cancer. Nevertheless, I would like to assure everyone that I am in good health, despite this difficult diagnosis. I am completely committed to overcoming this disease and am resolute in my determination. I am prepared to take all necessary steps to emerge from this experience even stronger, as my treatment has already commenced.

“I respectfully request your privacy and respect during this period.” I am profoundly grateful for the love, strength, and blessings you have bestowed upon me. I would be extremely grateful for your personal experiences, anecdotes, and supportive suggestions as I navigate this voyage. I, along with my family and loved ones, maintain a positive, determined, and focused attitude. We are confident that I will surmount this obstacle and achieve complete health through the grace of the almighty. She also requested that you send your prayers, blessings, and affection.

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