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In response to Vidya Balan’s demand to end domestic misogyny, Mira Rajput has urged men to ‘be ready to be asked what to cook

Mira Rajput

Vidya Balan’s views regarding established gender bias in the house were appreciated by Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s wife.

In a remark recently made by Vidya Balan, Mira Rajput, the wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, spoke out about the misogyny that is embedded in our society. Both Vidya and Shefali Shah, her co-star in Jalsa, have talked about growing up with misogyny, and how deeply ingrained it can be.

“Siddharth (husband Roy Kapur) and I are on calls at the same time,” Vidya says in the video that was recently enhanced once again by SheThePeople. Siddharth gets annoyed when they interrupt me, but they don’t mind interrupting me while I’m with them (the house staff). Regardless of what I do, people believe the male is working and the lady isn’t. At home, I suppose you’re just a little… In their minds, it’s OK to interrupt the lady (they think it’s fine).”

“Equality begins at and extends to the home,” Mira said in an Instagram Story after sharing a clip of Vidya’s interview with The Quint. A woman’s job should be respected regardless of what she accomplishes. Be prepared to be asked what to cook for supper in the midst of yours if you ever decide to interrupt her phone conversations.”

During the Jalsa promotional tour, Shefali made similar claims. “It’s been years of indoctrination that a woman remains at home and takes care of the house. During an interview, she said, “I take care of the housework while my husband is away at work,” journalist Barkha Dutt. If I am at home and haven’t gone to work yet, nobody asks me, “Why haven’t you gone to work?” But when I am with him (her husband Vipul Amrutlal Shah), I question, “Why are you not going to the office today?”

When visitors come over, Navya Naveli Nanda, Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter-in-law, is the one who is expected to bring them refreshments, rather than her brother, Navya says. There is a lot of pressure on the daughter to learn how to manage a household or how to take care of visitors when you live with a large extended family,” she told SheThePeople. Moreover, I’ve never seen that kind of emphasis given to my brother or a younger guy in the family before. That, in and of itself, has conditioned women to believe that it is their duty to take care of the home.

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