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Jhelum | Lines | Hina Khan & Farida Jalal | Rohil Bhatia

Lines from a Film
Yash Choudhary is a singer.
Rohil Bhatia and Anhad composed the music, while Rohil Bhatia wrote the lyrics.
Himanshu Sharma plays guitar.
Rajiv Bhadel plays bass guitar.
Rajdeep Chakraverty – Percussions
Himanshu Garg – Initial Programming (Project Euphony)
Girish arranged the music.

Hina Khan, Rishi Bhutani, and Farida Jalal star in the film, which is produced by Rahat Kazmi Films.
Rahat Kazmi, Tariq Khan, Zeba Sajid, and Raj Kushwaha are the producers; Jayant Jaiswal, Vikas Sharma, and Kritika Rampal are the co-producers; and Assad Motion Pictures and Seven 2 Creations are the associate producers.
Hussein Khan is the director.

India and Pakistan have frequently exchanged daggers. Love, on the other hand, is a force that has no bounds. This is the central theme of Hina Khan’s Lines. What happens when a Pakistani guy and a Kashmiri woman fall in love and marry? It’s not going to be simple, especially considering the film is set during the start of the Kargil War in 1999. Lines weaves a narrative of carnage, incessant pistol shots, anxiety, and fury as it confronts boundaries and biases, as well as a lack of visa and other issues. Nazia (Hina) and Nabeel (Rishi Bhutani) are a couple who have lost their family members and all they want is to be able to spend their lives together. Nazia’s love drives her to commit illegal actions.

Lines is a film that belongs in the same category as the other Bollywood cross-border dramas. With its strong finale, though, it creates the appropriate kind of noise. There are several heart-wrenching sequences in this film, directed by Hussain Khan and written by Kunwar Shakti Singh and Rahat Kazmi. Without giving too much away, the narrative begins with Nazia attempting to persuade her grandma to see her sister after 40 years. She eventually succeeds in transporting her from Pakistan to Kashmir.