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Kangana Ranaut on the box office performance of Brahmastra: “How could you disparage The Kashmir Files, Karan Johar?

Kangana Ranaut

A day after filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tweeted that Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra had ‘beaten’ his picture, The Kashmir Files, at the box office, actor Kangana Ranaut retweeted his tweet and took a jab at filmmaker Karan Johar. Karan has supported the Brahmastra. Tuesday, Kangana resorted to Instagram Stories and stated, “The arrogance to disparage The Kashmir Files, a film on the Hindu massacre, while also attempting to profit from its popularity. The Kashmir Files cost 10 crores to produce…”

Kangana continued to criticize Karan, whom she has repeatedly referred to as the “Hollywood mafia.” She continued writing in her note, “Now, according to mafia minions, Karan Johar’s film has ruthlessly defeated it (The Kashmir Files) … Karan Johar Ji AAP kya Cheeze ho yaar (what are you, Karan Johar).” Kangana included a smiley face emoji in her note. Vivek had originally tweeted on Monday, to which Kangana responded, “Hahahaha. I have no idea how they beat #TheKashmirFiles… With hockey sticks and rods… maybe an AK47 or rocks… Or by paying for PR and influencers? Allow Bollywood films to compete against one another. Leave us alone. I am not in that stupid contest. Thanks.”

Tuesday, Kangana Ranaut posted another tweet about the box office performance of Brahmastra and the post-Covid-19 pandemic’verdict model’ on her Instagram Stories. Kangana commented, accompanied by laughing emojis, “Post pandemic verdict model, designed just for Karan Johar films… BTW, Thugs of Hindustan (2018) grossed approximately 280 crores worldwide, and its budget was also approximately 280 crores… They spent little money on PR apparatus. “With the new KJo (Karan Johar) models, no film will ever be a failure.” The hashtag “just saying” was added.

Sunday, during its second weekend, Brahmastra made 17 crores, according to industry sources. The film, which starred Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, grossed over 200 crores domestically and 350 crores internationally. Previously, Kangana had questioned the box office earnings of the Ayan Mukerji-directed film, stating that a budget of 650 crores cannot be considered a success when just 246 crores were earned in a few days.

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