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Kangana Ranaut says Salman Khan is a “close friend” and criticizes Aamir Khan for not supporting her films: ‘I phoned him.’

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, renowned for her harsh criticism of Bollywood celebrities, puzzled fans when she was seen at Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma’s Eid celebration. Concerning the party, she has said that she is “close friends” with Salman Khan and that she came because he invited her.

Kangana was questioned why she attended the party in an interview with RJ Siddharth Kanan, given that she seldom attends Bollywood events. Kangana said, “It’s not that I don’t go to Bollywood parties; I just go where I choose.” Salman is a close buddy of mine; uses party pe bulaya, main in the middle of a conversation (he called me for his party, so I went). It’s as easy as that.” When Salman congratulated Kangana on her next film, Dhaakad, fans got a peek of their camaraderie. “Wishing team #Dhaakad the utmost best!” Salman commented on the clip. @kanganaranaut, @rampal72, and @smaklai.” Kangana quickly re-shared Salman’s message, writing, “Thank you dear Dabangg hero heart of gold… I will never again claim to be alone in this field…On behalf of everyone at Dhaakad, thank you.”

Kangana has often chastised her colleagues for failing to promote her films. She added in the interview that she used to send letters to actors and producers urging them to root for her films the same way she did for them. However, after getting no reaction, Kangana said that she no longer does so “because she is beyond it.”

“They were solely talking about the trailer,” she stated of the Eid celebration she attended. At this point in the film, “Aap Itna bade levels pe se Ek trailer se impress hai, what is it about this movie?” When asked whether she had given the go-ahead for online promotion of the picture, she said, “I am beyond that now.” I informed everyone, including Aamir Khan, about Manikarnika at the time. I called and said, ‘You always contact me for your difficulties like PK or Dangal.’ You also mention my flicks.’ “I’m beyond that point now,” she added, adding that it’s up to the actors now.

Kangana Ranaut will appear as Agent Agni in the upcoming espionage thriller Dhaakad. Arjun Rampal also appears in the film.

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