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Kanika Kapoor says she was worried about being accepted by her husband Gautam’s family because she is divorced with three children

Kanika Kapoor is overjoyed to have married Gautam Hathi Ramani, her best friend of 15 years. Their wedding was a private yet lavish affair attended by friends and family.

Kanika Kapoor, who recently married Gautam Hathi Ramani, opened up about her relationship with the NRI businessman. The singer revealed that she has known Gautam for nearly 15 years and considers him to be her best friend.

Kanika shared that the transition from friends to life partners was not easy because she was skeptical of being accepted by Gautam’s family because she was a divorcee with three children. I wasn’t sure if he and his family would accept me because I’m divorced with three kids. Incorrect. “Today, I want to tell women that no matter what their circumstances are, happiness awaits them in the end,” she told the E-Times.

Gautam plans to propose to Kanika in August 2021. Kanika, on the other hand, had twice asked him to marry her. He, on the other hand, just rolled his eyes because he thought I was joking. Then I asked him again in 2020, and that’s when he realized I was serious. “That’s when our love story started,” Kanika explained.

Finally, her dreams came true when Gautam proposed and they set a wedding date. Kanika described her feelings as being lonely for ten years. But she is now content to have married her “strong support system.”
Ten years ago, I was lonely. I’m glad I’m married. As an artist, I may be surrounded by people and perform in front of a large crowd, but after those work hours, I am alone,” she concluded.

Kanika married Gautam in London in a private yet lavish wedding ceremony. The newlyweds are planning a reception in Mumbai for their entertainment industry friends.

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