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Karan Johar responds to a price increase of 100% in Bollywood

In a recent interview, Karan Johar expressed concern about the revelation that numerous performers had raised their costs during the epidemic, calling it a dangerous trend. He also indicated that it isn’t a 10-20% increase, but rather close to 100% in some circumstances.

The epidemic has been a terrible period for the film business, particularly distributors, who have lost a significant amount of money as a result of films not being released in theatres. Several day laborers in the business have also been laid off after filming was suspended for over 18 months. Several actors have raised their fees at this time, and Karan Johar sees this as a hazardous trend. He also notes that the increase has been approximately 100% in certain circumstances, rather than 10-20% in others. Karan Johar is ‘fed up with the steady rise in actor pay, a tendency he’s noticed in particular among the younger generation of performers.


Karan Johar claimed during a producers’ roundtable with Film Companion that numerous younger actors had increased their rates by up to 100% in the previous few months. Some performers have even made justifications such as their prior films not working or not having a release [because of the pandemic]. All of this comes at a time when the film business is struggling to earn a profit, with film shoots being suspended and picture releases being delayed.

Karan Johar was joined by Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar, Nikkhil Advani, and Sameer Nair, who all expressed their anger with the reality that a technician or a writer is paid significantly less than an actor, and still, the demands continue. While it makes sense to collaborate with megastars and A-list performers since they bring in money, the demands made by novices are perplexing.

According to Karan Johar, “There is a newer order that has yet to establish its worth at the box office. They are requesting a sum of Rs 20-30 crore. For no apparent reason. Then you want to present them a report card and say, “Hello, here is what your film started with.”

When questioned if a large production company like Dharma may deny performers who become difficult, KJo replied, “I’d rather pay top bucks to members of the technical staff who contribute to the film’s uniqueness. Why am I paying a 15-crore actor and a 55-crore editor?”

Nikkhil Advani goes on to say that the costs for a specific A-list actor have risen to “Rs 135 crore,” and while there are only approximately six such A-list actors, those below them tend to follow suit and anticipate an equal percentage increase.