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KBC: Amitabh Bachchan is stunned as a winner removes his shirt to celebrate


The popularity of the lengthy quiz show Everyone is familiar with KBC, but how a competitor celebrated his victory in the fastest finger round was unprecedented on the show. A candidate named Vijay Gupta took off his shirt, raised it into the air, and then hurled it at the audience before hugging his wife upon reaching the hot seat.

As he stood in front of presenter Amitabh Bachchan holding his shirt, Vijay even beckoned to the audience to continue clapping. Amitabh Bachchan simply observed him and responded, “Sahi hai, sir, sahi hai” Later, he asked him to put on his shirt and added, “Kameez jaldi se pahan lijiye, humko dar hai kahi aur vastr na utar jayein” (Quickly put on your shirt, please; I’m afraid you’ll remove further garments).

Even backstage, the 79-year-old actor followed him to bring him back. Vijay walked backstage to retrieve his microphone, and Amitabh followed him to bring him back. However, Vijay was unsuccessful in the hot seat and took home only 10,000.

As Sony published the advertisement on social media, additional viewers could not stop giggling at the occurrence. A admirer referred to him as “superhit Bhaiyaji.” Someone else said, “Pagla gaye them” (He had gone insane). Another fan responded, “Haha, oh my goodness!”

Amitabh is now on leave after testing positive for Covid-19 this week. In his most recent tweet, sent Thursday night, Amitabh said in Hindi, “When we used to work, we used to worry when we would receive leave; now that I am on leave, I wonder when I would return to work.”

Two days after being diagnosed with the virus, Amitabh also posted the following on Twitter in Hindi: “Were thinking of going very quickly; a divine decree descended, and I was left standing where I was.”

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