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Kriti Sanon, why is she taller than Tabu? The Internet has inquiries regarding Kareena Kapoor’s recent The Crew photoshoot

Kriti Sanon

Kareena Kapoor impressed her fans with her decision to cast Kriti Sanon, Tabu, and Rhea Kapoor in her upcoming film, titled The Crew. Kareena shared a video from a photoshoot they did for Vogue India to make the announcement. While many were impressed by the star power of the new video, many also had questions.

Kareena was in the center of the photo shoot, with Tabu and Kriti on either side of her. In reality, she was the shortest of the group, despite being the tallest in the photograph. A few even brought it up on Reddit and Instagram. A comment read, “Why does Kareena look taller than Kriti!?” “What did they make Kareena stand on? She cannot be taller than Kriti. Why do we need power plays everywhere? “Wait! Tabu is shorter than Kareena, or did Kareena decide to stand on a platform to avoid looking short in comparison to two tall women?”

However, the explanation appears to lack depth. As one Reddit user explained, “near the very end of the video, look at the bottom.” She is positioned on a pedestal. Quite often in photoshoots for creating visual symmetry, i.e. a viewpoint resembling a pyramid.” Even Vogue shared a photo from behind the scenes showing Kareena and the other models smiling while they were posing on the pedestal. Diet Sabya also shared the photo to avoid the “Bebo height gate.”

Numerous admirers also noted that Tabu should have been in the center due to her acting experience. “In terms of seniority, career longevity, and talent, Tabu should be in the middle. thank you,” a comment on Instagram stated. Another comment stated, “Tabu it’s a pity they didn’t put her in the center,” which can be read here. Someone wrote, “Tabu should have been in the middle.”

Regarding the film, Kareena told Vogue, “I’ve been waiting for something similar to come together with the right individuals. Rhea, I always knew that once you accomplished something again, it would be extraordinary. I recall when we discussed the plot and you mentioned that you intended to recruit Tabu and Kriti… I was just considering how ideal it would be if you could sign them up. You and I made magic in Veere, but it will be so much fun to do this film with two such brilliant female actors.”

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