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Mahima Chaudhry was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Anupam Kher recorded a video to support her. ‘You’re my hero,’

Mahima Chaudhry

On Thursday, actor Anupam Kher broke the news to Mahima Chaudhry that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. He shared a video of the actor on his Instagram account.

Anupam Kher shared a video of himself and Mahima Chaudhry on Instagram. Mahima had breast cancer, he wrote next to the video. That’s why Anupam, calling Mahima her “hero,” asked him to tell her fans about the news.

In the video, Anupam wrote, “Story of @mahimachaudhry1’s courage and Cancer::” A month ago, I called #MahimaChaudhry from the United States to play a significant role in my 525th film, #TheSignature. When she found out she had #BreastCancer, our conversation turned gears. We had a real conversation after that. Throughout the world, women will be inspired by their attitude. She wanted me to be a part of the process of revealing the truth. But Mahima! She calls me an eternal optimist! “You are my hero!” Friends! Thank you for all of your good wishes, thoughts, and prayers for her. She’s RETURNED to her rightful place. When it comes to taking off, she’s in the best possible shape. The call goes out to all of the directors and producers: The time is here for you to benefit from her talent! The best of luck to her! For those who are battling cancer, “Cancer #Courage #Hope #Prayers”

On camera, Mahima says Anupam called her while she was in the hospital so they could make their movie together. For reasons of her lack of hair, she has been unable to accept offers to participate in web series and films. She later revealed that she had asked Anupam whether she could perform his film while wearing a wig, which caused her to get unhappy. It was discovered via normal testing even though I had no signs of malignancy,” she said.

Actress Genelia D’souza tweeted, “More power to you @mahimachaudhry1.” When I’m in need, I know I can count on you, sir. One admirer told her, “God bless you…take care…proud of you.” “I hope she gets well soon,” said one admirer, while another just exclaimed, “OMG!” at the news of the woman’s condition.

A year later, Mahima and Bobby Mukherji divorced. Ariana, their only child, was born to them as a couple. In a 2021 interview with Pinkvilla, Mahima spoke about her choice to retire from the stage. Since returning home and moving in with my folks, I’ve grown completely reliant on them. My mother was diagnosed with a disease at that time and was unable to help me raise my child due to having to start receiving pharmaceutical aid. As a result, I had to depend only on my staff when I left for work as if I were abandoning a child and my ailing mother. My father had to go to Darjeeling because of a family emergency. It wasn’t long before I had a sibling who was also a mother. She used the analogy that it was “almost like we were raising children together” to characterize their connection.

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