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Monica Chaudhary: I now comprehend the agony associated with fat-shaming

Monica Chaudhary

Monica Chaudhary performed underwent a significant physical alteration for her last performance. Ela’s role in Salt City was a dream come true for me because I’d get to work with some of the most talented actors in the business.” Piyush (Mishra) sir,” she reveals. To achieve the desired appearance, I was required to gain 20 kilograms, although weighing 50 kilograms or such.

Monica Chaudhary says, “My character was on the healthier side, and as a result, her psyche was complex due to the countless instances of body shaming she endures. When playing such parts, one may comprehend the anguish of being fat or thin shamed.”

After the performance, it was difficult to reduce the excess weight. After working with my trainer and nutritionist, I gained weight in just two months and lost it in just over seven months. ” I felt janam bhar ka kha liya hai maine (laughs). But, joking aside, there are a number of pros and downsides when taking such moves as “I must live with stretch marks for the rest of my life.”

Following a gruelling makeover, the Dark 7 White actor is pleased with the post-release acclaim she has received. “As much as I appreciated the audience’s love for the show, I also liked their acceptance of my role. I am very astonished that she was recognised, and the girl troubles may ring a bell in a few homes.”

Committed to leaving no stone unturned for her jobs, she declares, “Work is occurring, and I am gladly tackling it.” As a novice, I travelled to Mumbai to realise my ambition of becoming a renowned actor. I am fully aware that I will not be able to raise the bar as a performer if I do not put forth the extra effort and demonstrate my worth. This is something I have absorbed from my theatre days to give my best to the trade.”

Currently, the young actor is working on two untitled Bollywood projects and the post-production of the series Good Bad Girl.

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