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Mr and Mrs Mahi first day box office collection: Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor film earns ₹7 crore in India

Mr and Mrs Mahi

Day one box office earnings for Mr and Mrs Mahi: The romantic drama starring Janhvi Kapoor and RajKummar Rao performed admirably on its initial day of release. Friday in India, the film grossed a net of 7 crore, according to According to the report, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi had an aggregate Hindi occupancy rate of 56.15 percent.

Mr and Mrs Mahi film review

An excerpt from the film’s review in the Hindustan Times stated, “Janhvi appears extremely one-dimensional for the duration of the film. Her sequences with Rajkummar, if anything, elevate her performance. The two had a delightful chemistry when paired together; I wish the director had capitalized on that aspect a bit more. Following a lighthearted first night and shortly after their nuptials, a romantic inclination emerges between them; however, it dissimates prematurely. In all honesty, that is precisely the degree of fascination one would experience with the film; it dissipateo quickly. Mr. and Mrs. Mahi is worth a single viewing due to its sincere acting, but it lacks a stellar script and breathtaking moments. Unfortunately, this audacious sports film that attempts to make a point misses the mark. “Had the title Mrs. appeared before Mr., we might have been able to commemorate women in cricket to a greater extent.”

Regarding Mr. and Ms. Mahi

Janhvi and RajKummar Rao once again collaborated on this film, which is directed by Sharan Sharma. Furthermore, it signifies Janhvi and Sharan’s second partnership.

RajKummar and Janhvi were previously spotted in Roohi. Flashback scenes in the trailer revealed that Rajkummar’s character is struggling to accept the fact that his goal of making the national India team has been dashed. Upon learning that she possesses the ability to play cricket, he makes the decision to instruct her. The film is produced by Dharma Productions, which is owned by Karan Johar.

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