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Nargis Fakhri recalls being referred to as immature for being genuine and forthright

Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri has stated that when she first entered the entertainment industry, she was deemed immature for being too genuine and straightforward. In a recent interview, she discussed the difficulties she has encountered to date.

Nargis debuted in Bollywood with Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar and appeared in a handful of films, including Main Tera Hero, Madras Café, and Housefull 3; she also debuted in Hollywood with Spy. Later, she returned to the United States to be with her family. Nargis is currently preparing for her comeback and has been reading scripts. She also recently attended the IIFA awards in Dubai.

Nargis told Masala of her early days in Bollywood, “I didn’t know how to navigate a new culture. I was told that being so genuine and sincere with my feelings was not a positive trait. You must interact with others despite your discomfort with them. You must put on a game face, which I was unable to do. I was described as immature.” She added that she now recognizes that people have three faces: business, creative, and personal.

In addition, she stated that working nonstop for eight years prevented her from spending time with her family and that she felt ill due to stress. “As a result, I developed health problems. Was I despondent? I suppose you may use the term. I was dissatisfied with my circumstances and questioned why I remained there. I took two years off to focus on my health. I practiced Vipassana meditation in America. Additionally, Nargis stated that she fasted to sharpen her senses.

Nargis was most recently seen in the 2020 film Torbaaz. This was also the year in which she first discussed mental health issues.

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