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Nick Jonas attempts belly dancing like Shakira, and Priyanka Chopra laughs

Nick Jonas

After being challenged by Shakira, Nick Jonas attempted a belly dance move, which Priyanka Chopra reacted to.

After seeing her husband Nick Jonas attempt belly dancing, Priyanka Chopra couldn’t stop laughing. Nick agreed that he lacked the necessary moves, but his wife still gave him an ‘A’ for his efforts.

On Tuesday, Priyanka shared a video of Nick Jonas attempting the dance on her Instagram Stories. Shakira, the co-judge on the NBC show Dancing With Myself, challenged the musician to do a belly roll as part of the episode’s theme ‘Belly Roll Challenge.’

“You know I would pay to see Nick Jonas do a belly roll,” Shakira, known for her belly dance moves, says in the video. She then demonstrated how to do it, and Nick tried unsuccessfully to mimic her moves, drawing laughter from the audience. He laughed and said, “See, my body doesn’t do that.”

Nick posted the video to his Instagram account, along with a parody of Shakira’s song Hips Don’t Lie (2005). He captioned it, “The difference between your hips not lying and your hips lying.” Priyanka commented on Nick’s Instagram post, “A for effort baby,” adding emoticons of a clap, laughing with tears, and a red heart.

Priyanka and Nick had recently taken a short break from work to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands. On Monday, Priyanka posted several photos from their mini-vacation to her Instagram account, captioning them “@nickjonas #islandgirl #photodump.”

Priyanka and Nick became parents for the first time earlier this year when they used surrogacy to give birth to their daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. On Father’s Day, Priyanka shared a photo of Nick and Malti, revealing the custom-made shoes she had given them. Malti’s shoes said MM, while Nick’s said MM’s Father.

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