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Rashmi Rocket Movie | Official Trailer | A ZEE5 Original Film

The story revolves around a female athlete whose glory is hindered when she is asked to undergo a gender test. Get ready to watch this gripping sports drama. Premieres 15th October 2021. Taapsee Pannu is happy with the love the trailer of her upcoming film Rashmi Rocket Movie is receiving. The film is releasing on Zee5 on October 15.

On Thursday, September 23, the trailer for Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming flick Rashmi Rocket Movie was unveiled. The trailer has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the actress. She expressed her joy by sharing a new black-and-white photo of herself today, September 24. In the shot, the actress can be seen smiling on a racetrack. She said that if she had realized how much love she would get, she would have kept a constant smile on the track. In the Akarsh Khurana-directed film, Taapsee plays an athlete, and it will premiere on Zee5 on October 15.

Taapsee Pannu is overjoyed after receiving a lot of positive feedback for her forthcoming flick Rashmi Rocket’s teaser. The video, which was published on Thursday, provides a look into the life of Rashmi, a female athlete who defies conventional gender standards. Taapsee came to social media today to share a snapshot of herself, clearly overjoyed. She is shown smiling on a racetrack in the photograph.

Sharing the photo, Taapsee wrote, “Had I known this amount of love will come in I would’ve kept this expression more constantly on track!