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Rashmika Mandanna blushes as Vijay Deverakonda compliments her on her beauty: ‘The moment I mention your name…’

Rashmika Mandanna

Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna, who has appeared in two films together, have great on-screen chemistry. Amid their dating rumors, they’ve also become great friends in real life. Vijay recently attended the pre-release music event for the upcoming Telugu film Sita Ramam, which stars Rashmika in a key role, and made Rashmika blush with his comment.

The show’s producers have released a promo video in which Vijay compliments Rashmika Mandanna on her appearance. “Rashmika, you always look so lovely and lovely… “I don’t know why everyone laughs when I mention your name,” Vijay said, leaving Rashmika blushing and the audience in splits.

Vijay appeared on Koffee With Karan with his Liger co-star Ananya Panday recently. During the show, Karan questioned Vijay about rumors that he was dating Rashmika. We are infatuated with her. We have a great friendship. We share so much through movies, many highs, and lows. A bond is formed.” He also stated that he does not want to reveal his relationship status because he does not want to break his fans’ hearts.

Ananya, on the other hand, gave a big hint about Rashmika and Vijay’s relationship status. During the rapid-fire round, Ananya used a play on words to respond to a question about Vijay’s relationship status, saying, “I get the impression he’s rushing to meet Mika…Singh. Get it.” As Ananya continued to laugh, Karan realized what she was saying and said, “Oh, he’s in a hurry to meet Mika.” Meanwhile, Vijay simply asked Ananya, “Do you believe that?” to which she replied, “Yes.”

Vijay and Rashmika have appeared in two films together: Geetha Govindam in 2018 and Dear Comrade in 2019. They were spotted together in a Mumbai restaurant last year.

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