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Raveena Tandon says she misses the 90s working style

Raveena Tandon is appreciating this period of her profession. The entertainer, who went for an online task for a while a year ago in Himachal Pradesh, is currently good to go to collaborate with Akshaye Khanna in another online undertaking. Reports recommend that the arrangement will be made on an extravagant scale for a worldwide crowd. In a communication, the entertainer said that she was amped up for the arrangement, which would be founded on the complexities of a force battle.

The entertainer, who has been in the business since the 90s, has acted in a line of acclaimed films. In a new post on Instagram, Raveena said that she missed the shooting style of the 90s in which units would have no hesitations about voyaging together. Truth be told, a large portion of the occasions, she said, they would go by transport together and the excursions would consistently be fun and fascinating. The entertainer added that playing antakshari was a staple of each long transport venture. In her post, she expressed, “We used to head out in the transport to areas in Europe, we all together would play Antakshari in the transport, the entire unit, from spot to camera group, artistes all, in one major transport, one upbeat family, doesnt happen any longer… Presently everybody has their own vanity vans.”