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Ravi Dubey debuts in a new film with a balding head and wrinkles. Faraddayy, fans are shocked

Ravi Dubey

Ravi Dubey has released the first poster for his upcoming flick, and his admirers are surprised by his radical metamorphosis. The actor posted a collage of his Faraddayy appearance and his former, well-known appearance.

Ravi Dubey is pictured on the left wearing a suit, while on the right he is shirtless and smoking a cigar. In the picture from the film, Ravi has wrinkles on his face, a balding head, and a noticeable waistline. Ravi shared the collage with the caption, “There is a tiny bit of him in all of us #Faradday.” December is planned for the release of Faraddayy.

Nisha Rawal was one of the first to respond. She shared a fire emoji with the caption “Ah…amazing.” Meiyang Chang said, “Kya baat hai guru (Outstanding work)” Mubeen Saudagar wrote, “@ravidubey2312 bhai, this is called complete power #fullpower”

Also, Ravi’s admirers swamped the comment section with compliments for him. One wrote: “@ravidubey2312″ The entirety of the character can be seen in your eyes; the manner in which you have portrayed this character is unconventional. Brother Ravi, you certainly have a tough appearance. I believe you’ve planned and laboured extremely diligently for this… I can tell…” Another user responded, “Bhai, how do you pronounce your name? Hollywood is counting on you. If you’re interested in acting, I’d want to hear from you, Bandhu. Toh, you are one of my finest instructors (You define the letter ‘A’ in acting. If I were a student of acting, you would be my best teacher.” Ravi was recently asked about his bodily transformation, to which he responded that it is still in progress and that more than half of the film has yet to be filmed. In addition, he disclosed that due to the prosthetic makeup, it takes him four to four and a half hours every day to be ready for the shoot and two hours to remove the makeup. I did not do a lot of strenuous exercise. I’ve been performing activities that loosen my muscles and increase my body fat percentage. That does not mean I have stopped exercising or going to the gym. I continue to exercise, but chose those that allow me to be sluggish. It is quite stressful because I am not used to this type of training, Ravi Dubey told a Hindi news channel.

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