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Remo D’Souza on the likenesses among Ranbir and Rishi Kapoor: The energy is steady

Both Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor have said that Rishi Kapoor was not a decent artist and that, truth be told, the entertainer had two remaining feet. Choreographer-turned-movie producer Remo D’Souza, who has arranged Ranbir Kapoor, said that the late veteran entertainer compensated for it with his eagerness. “He was lively albeit both he and Neetu said that he had two remaining feet- – I feel he had the most remarkable energy any artist could have. That was the most awesome aspect of him and it was that energy that made wizardry on screen. He has a super ability to keep in tempo and was extremely agile and that made him appear as though an expert artist,” demands Remo.

When inquired as to whether he discovered similitudes between the dad and the child, the choreographer-producer jokes, “The energy is consistent and both skill to control that energy once they begin playing out the melody.”

Remo’s three untouched main tunes of Rishi Kapoor are ‘Om Shanti Om’ from the film ‘Karz, ‘Parda Hai Parda’ from ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ and ‘Sochege Tumhe Pyar Kare Ke Nahi’ from ‘Deewana’.