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Salman and Katrina are set for breath-taking action sequences in Tiger 3.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have begun filming for Tiger 3, and we’ve heard they’re looking forward to a physically demanding shoot that will test their bodies. Salman and Kat are some of the most famous on-screen couples in Indian movie history, and Tiger 3 will recreate them and show them at their fittest!

“Salman teased his Tiger 3 physique on social media, and it’s clear that he’s creating the finest figure he’s ever shown on screen. Katrina, on the other hand, has kept a low profile, with little evidence of how beautiful she looks right now. There’s also a reason behind this. She has toiled like a beast to achieve her goals.

People will have to wait till Tiger 3 is released to see her at her fittest!” says a trade source.

“The new Tiger 3 schedule began today at Yash Raj Films Studios. It’s a highly guarded set, so don’t expect to see any photos from it. This timetable, as well as the lengthy foreign itinerary planned to begin in mid-August, will put Salman and Katrina’s fitness to the test,” the source says.

Salman and Katrina appear to be in for some thrilling action moments in Tiger 3. “It will be intense for these two actors since filmmaker Maneesh Sharma has planned some jaw-dropping and extremely dangerous action sequences that will genuinely test their entire fitness levels when they begin their abroad schedule,” a source said.

“Of course, Salman and Katrina are up for the task and ready for whatever comes their way. The timetable will be entertaining,” the insider stated.