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Salman Khan Addresses the Bollywood vs. South Controversy

Salman Khan

Salman Khan addressed the long-running controversy in the film business between Bollywood and the south.

Together with South Indian superstar Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan is promoting his forthcoming film Godfather. A few days before the 5th of October release date, the team released the trailer. When Bollywood and south film actors and directors work together, the north-south divide persists. During the launch of the Godfather trailer in Hindi, Salman Khan addressed the long-running controversy between Bollywood and the south.

Godfather is Salman Khan’s first appearance in a Telugu film and his first pan-Indian feature. During his contact with the media, the actor from Dabang discussed his career in South cinema. In contrast to his peers, he desires to make films in the south. In addition, he believes that when two industries combine, they will earn an enormous sum. With two celebrities from their respective industries, Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi, starring in a film together for the first time, Godfather is expected to be a huge success.

Taking on the issue “People want to travel to Hollywood, but I want to go to the south,” Bhaijaan stated. Imagine the number of people we will have once we all begin working together; that is the most important aspect. People watch it in the north, in the south, and all of your theatres. His (Chiranjeevi’s) admirers should come to see me. His fans become my fans, and my fans become his fans. Therefore, everyone continues to increase in size, and the population becomes quite large. People discuss 300-400 crores; if we all join forces, we may surpass 3000-4000 crores.”

We concur with his quotations. Numerous other celebrities have also declared that we are collectively an Indian Cinema, neither the south film business nor the Bollywood film industry. We have already collaborated on films such as RRR, KGF2, Chup, PS-1, and others starring performers from both sectors.

Regarding Godfather, it is a Mohan Raja-directed political action drama. Also starring in the film are Nayanthara and Satyadev Kancharana. Salman Khan will appear in a lengthy cameo as Chiranjeevi’s brother. The film is scheduled to debut in theatres on October 5, 2022. Godfather will compete with The Ghost starring Nagarjuna.

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