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Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s perealizationtunts and acrobatics in the Yashoda BTS

Samantha Ruth

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is currently enjoying the success of her most recent film, Yashoda. In its first two days, the Telugu action film grossed more than 11 crores worldwide. Samantha has received appreciation for both her acting and her action-packed performance in the film. On Sunday, the actor revealed a behind-the-scenes video from the film’s production that showed her effortlessly executing multiple tough battle scenes.

Samantha posted the montage on Instagram Reels on Sunday evening with the simple captions “Yashoda in theatres” and “BTS.” The footage begins with a camera capturing an actor. The subsequent clips depict her doing scripted action on sets, fighting many stuntmen, and expertly executing jumps and throwdowns. The video also demonstrates Samantha’s hard preparation for the part, which included bulking up in the gym and achieving peak physical condition to perform all the physically demanding action sequences.

In response to the video, filmmaker Atlee referred to it as “mass,” a term used to describe films or content with broad appeal. One of Samantha’s fans remarked, “You worked hard and you earned it! Certainly… proud of you, Sam.” Someone else wrote, “Incredible! The exertion and commitment”

Samantha disclosed recently that she has been suffering from Myositis, an autoimmune ailment. On October 29, she said in a note, “A few months ago, I was diagnosed with Myositis, an autoimmune disorder. I hoped to share this once it had entered remission. However, it is taking a bit longer than anticipated. I am progressively realising that we do not always need to present a tough front. Accepting this vulnerability is something with which I continue to struggle. The doctors are optimistic that I will soon recover completely. I’ve had good days and horrible days… physically and emotionally… and even when I feel like I can’t face another day of this, that feeling passes. It could only signify that I am one day closer to recovery.”

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