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Sana Khan drops hovering looks from her Dubai vacay with spouse Anas Saiyad

Sana Khan appreciates is having a great time in Dubai with spouse Anas Saiyad and she offered fans a few looks from her vacation. From sharing spectacular pictures in an all-white gathering to getting a charge out of a night out on the town with her lover – Sana shared a progression of snaps from her trip. “This undoubtedly was such a lot of fun n I resembled,” Sana had subtitled her recollections.

Sana Khan had hit features in 2020 when she got married to Surat based money manager Anas Saiyad. The entertainer had changed her name to Sayied Sana Khan following her secretive wedding. She had acquainted her significant other with the world on November 22 and later shared a few enchanting pictures from their wedding service on Instagram. Sana and Anas had made a beeline for Kashmir for their special first night and the entertainer kept on keeping fans refreshed about her trips.

In October 2020, the ‘Jai Ho’ entertainer had declared her choice to stop the acting business and had shared on Instagram, “I have set out to bid farewell to my showbiz way of life everlastingly and serve humankind and follow the sets of my Maker. At last, all siblings and sisters are mentioned to not talk with me respects to any Showbiz work from this time forward.”