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Selective! Vivek Oberoi: Should entertainers be side-lined in light of the fact that they are identified with someone in the business?

The year 2020 started the discussion of nepotism once more where numerous entertainers shared their perspectives on the intriguing issue that gets examined from time to time in Bollywood. In discussion with SeetaGeeta , Vivek Oberoi too shared his perspectives on the issue that the Hindi entertainment world gets focused for regularly. Vivek, who’s senior entertainer Suresh Oberoi’s child made admirable sentiments.

The Saathiya entertainer said, “The word that has been bandied a great deal since not many years is nepotism. Toward the day’s end, you could be the best whiz’s kid, or a flat out novice, yet the crowd, chooses to acknowledge or dismiss you. What has the huge effect is, regardless of whether you have it in you.”

Vivek, who was in the news as of late for not wearing a head protector while riding his bicycle additionally called attention to that it is ability that represents the deciding moment one’s vocation. He clarified, “There are individuals from inside the business, who are really meriting and gifted. In any case, would it be a good idea for them to be side-lined in light of the fact that they are identified with someone in the business?”

The entertainer who’s additionally wandered into creation vows to find and give a platform to the most meriting individuals. He closes down saying, “As a maker, I have confidence in finding new ability. In my ventures, I’m available to giving them a stage as well.”

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