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Shalin Bhanot loses his composure and hits the wall with his head. “koi baat karne wala nahi hai,” it says

Shalin Bhanot appears to have finally succumbed. In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16, the actor can be seen venting his frustration in the house’s confession room. In the new show promo, he loses his cool, screams, and sometimes even bangs his head against the wall. In addition, he expresses a desire to leave the house. For those who are unaware, Shalin has been having heated debates with Tina Datta as well as Priyanka Chahar Choudhary over the last few days.

Shalin Bhanot Burns Out

Shalin Bhanot can be seen sitting within the confession room in the trailer. “Is this room soundproof?” He inquired about Bigg Boss. When Bigg Boss says ‘yes,’ Shalin screams something muffled in the video. “There are some things,” he continues. In this house, there is nobody to talk to. It’s ridiculous. It’s ludicrous. Yes, yeh ghar kaat rahi hai. Daud raha hai kaatne ko. I’m having a nervous breakdown right now. This is impossible. Please remove me from the grid.” Shalin then smacks his forehead against the cushioned wall.

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