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Shehnaaz Gill asks Shahid Kapoor if he is faithful to his wife Mira Rajput after the actor describes himself as untrustworthy

Shahid Kapoor

During an interview to promote his debut streaming programme, Farzi, Shahid Kapoor gave Shehnaaz Gill a “Kabir Singh vibe.” Shahid came on Shehnaaz’s chat programme Desi Vibes, where she told him that his 2015 marriage to Mira Rajput broke every woman’s heart.

Shehnaaz also asked Shahid if he is faithful to his wife, which sparked a lively discussion about relationships and the power dynamics between men and women. Shehnaaz believed that Shahid was channelling his character from the film Kabir Singh due to the intensity with which he argued his ideas.

Shehnaaz inquired, “How many hearts did you break by marrying? 

Shahid: “I’m sorry.”

Shehnaaz: “This is a foolish response… Darr lag gaya mujhe” translates as “That was an odd reaction, I became frightened.”

Shahid: “I apologise for breaking people’s hearts. I’m so sorry, but I cannot go back at this time. It’s already too late.”

Shehnaaz: “It’s too late, you’re faithful, right?”

Shahid: “Are you questioning my credibility? You’re not sure about it?
Shehnaaz: “Aajkal waise hi ladkon se bharosa uth gaya hai (You can’t trust men these days).”

Why should males trust women, Shahid asked?

Because women are attractive, they are possessive.

Shahid: “So guys are bad?”

Men can be disloyal, thus women do not trust them.

Why do you pursue them? Find a woman. Become close with a female. Why do you have an interest in boys?

Shehnaaz said, “I have no alternatives”

Shehnaaz questioned Shahid, later in the same conversation, if he knows the definition of “farzi.” He asserted that he does and labelled himself “fake.” He stated, “I’m absolutely fake, I have not a single honest bone in my body.” This, according to Shehnaaz, signifies that he does not need Mira’s permission to accomplish what he desires. “Are you also deceiving her?” She was bothering him, Shahid laughed.

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